What’s the Story behind the Publication of the Second Volume of Xi’s Book on Governance?

The second volume of Xi Jinping: The 
Governance of China was published. We interviewed four members of the English translation team of this book. Do you want to know how translators of the book discussed the right English words to express the policies put forward by Xi? What experiences did they go through during the translation? What are the highlights of this book? Let’s see what they have got to say…

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New Era for China and the World: Xi Jinping and World 3.0

China is getting closer to the center of the world stage and making a greater contribution on international issues in the new era, which sets the tone for China’s domestic and foreign policies in the coming period and sets the basic direction for China to handle its relations with  the world.

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How will China Prove the Western Media Wrong?

It is hard work to gain a full understanding of Xi’s report. But there is a much easier way. Read The Economist’s coverage of the congress, which is considerably shorter in length, and bet on the opposite being true.

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