Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit – What does it mean?

Since the reform and opening up, generations of China’s best entrepreneurs have flourished in both internal and external markets through fierce competition, and have made a great contribution to China’s economic and social development. The fostering of entrepreneurial spirit will encourage the entrepreneurs to make even greater contributions and will also bring greater individual vitality.

Focus on Xiongan: How will it Perform its Non-Capital Functions?

The Xiongan New Area will pool the non-capital functions of Beijing, and by curbing the capital’s population growth, it will help to address the severe “urban ills” of traffic congestion and air pollution in Beijing. In the 100 days since the initiative was announced, what has happened in the Xiongan New Area?

China is Becoming a “Sharing” Country

China’s economy has been developing fast for several decades, and the public are always ready to adopt a positive attitude to new things. Hence when a new economy form like the sharing economy appears, the inclusiveness it represents instantly attracts a lot of young people.

Globalization Fights Its Way Forward

The Leaders Declaration issued after the G20 summit documents a full set of commitments, including further collaboration between G20 members in favor of balanced, sustainable and inclusive global economic growth, and a global architecture for financial governance.