Implications of China’s New Foreign Investment Law

South Korea’s Top Adviser: What Role Does China Play in the Korean Peninsula?

The changing situation on the Korean Peninsula has long drawn the close attention of the international community. The second summit between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which was at the center of the spotlight, concluded without any deal achieved. In which direction will the future of the Peninsula head? Is the Korean Peninsula safe? And can denuclearization on the Peninsula be achieved?

First Mongolian President: How China’s Development Influence Sino-Mongolian Future?

In 1991, after thirty years of virtually severed relations, former Chinese president Yang Shangkun and his Mongolian counterpart, president Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat, met to reinstate their diplomatic relationship. Since then, the two countries’ collaboration has strengthened progressively, with cooperation on the Russia-Mongolia-China Economic Corridor the latest in a series of projects that has aligned the two countries closer. In a wide-ranging interview, China Focus interviewed Mongolia’s first President Ochirbat to find out how China and Mongolia’s relationship is growing, how China’s rapid development has had beneficial knock-on affects in Mongolia and why future ties promise to bring further benefits to both countries. China Focus: What do you think of China’s development? Former President of Mongolia Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat still remembers the first time he visited Beijing more than 30 years ago. “In 1980, I went to Hong Kong through Chinese mainland,” he said. “That time, Beijing seemed very poor and underprivileged: the life, the streets, the bicycles, the carriages and such.” During an interview with China Focus, he told our reporter that his impressions of Beijing have changed tremendously, “Now I don’t know where anything is in Beijing. I only know where the Mongolian Embassy is,” he said humorously. “Everything else is so unrecognizable to me. That’s how much China has reformed and developed.” During his presidency, he chose China for his first […]