Sino-US Trade Friction Creates New Opportunities between China and Latin America

As the Sino-US battle gears up, Latin America is quickly becoming one of the affected areas. In response to the new international environment, Latin America must adapt its long-term passive approach in the US-Latin America relationship and look to follow a favorable development path. This adjustment will create new opportunities for Sino-Latin American trade.

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China Meets All Annual Development Goals for 2017

China has met all its annual development targets set in last year’s government work report, the State Council said Thursday. The 36 quantitative goals for 2017, including annual economic growth of around 6.5 percent, were accomplished perfectly, according to a State Council report tracking the progress of last year’s government targets.

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China to Optimize the Business Environment

Improving the business environment for Chinese enterprises should not be a paper exercise; it must be acted upon. The State Council has provided clarity on how to make Chinese entrepreneurs feel more “secure”.

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