2月 11, 2019

Longtan Temple Fair in Beijing

The Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important Chinese festival. In 2019, it fell on February 5, and Chinese people are enjoying a seven-day holiday which started on the last day of the previous year. Local temple fair […]

1月 24, 2019

Are Chinese Parents Anti-Vaxxers?

 With all the talk about vaccines and anti-vaxxers, we wanted to know what Chinese parents think about vaccines. Are Chinese parents anti-vaxxers? Flu season is in full swing and with one of the largest populations in t […]

11月 16, 2018

APEC is happening in its poorest member country

Papua New Guinea is located north of Australia and east of Indonesia. It is a country with the population of more than 8 million. It is by far the poorest of the 21 economies that make up the Asia-Pacific conference, kno […]

9月 29, 2018

Do you know how advanced is Chinese science now?

The world has underestimated China’s rise as a scientific power. Chinese investment is paying off with serious advances
in biotech, computing and space tech. Recently, a laboratory in Shanghai has succeeded in cloning macaque monkeys and China will become the first nation in the world to send a lunar rover
to explore the far side of the moon later this year. Check the video to see more.