Here Comes Chunjie and Its Plethora of Stories

Chunjie, known in English within China as Spring Festival and outside more often as Chinese New Year, is almost upon us (the first day of the new year will be Feb. 8). So sit back, strap in, and get ready to be bombarded with pictures of various forms of monkey (for the upcoming Year of the Monkey), crowds (usually at public transportation hubs), migrant workers in long lines (as they head home), dumplings being made, plenty of red, and temple fairs. The first picture (above), we have travelers at the Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, train station as they attempt to board the train to Fuyang, Anhui Province.

We then follow the “line of commuters” pic with the ‘line of migrant workers” pic (below), an approach that is slightly more personal (you can see their faces–kind of). In this photo, a cavalcade of motorbikes transport an army of migrant workers home from their factory jobs in China’s southern provinces.

CFP478889605 (1)

And to finish, the “bird’s eye view of a large gathering” pic. In this case, the picture (below) shows shoppers buying food and alcohol at a market in Rizhao, Shandong Province, as they stock the larder (the what? says any American) for family shenanigans over the break.

CFP478917949 (1)

Get ready for monkey pics tomorrow. I know, I can’t wait either.