Trump’s Constructive China Policy Anticipated

Is the rise of China a “threat” or an “opportunity”? Is China a “partner” or a “rival”? In the coming few days, the visit of the U.S. President Donald Trump will further confirm the U.S. outlook on China, and White House policies on the relationship.

Nov 8, 2017

The Rickshaw Report: Xi's Visit to the USA

1. Xi Jinping is set to meet with Obama this week. How is the current relationship between the US and China? I think the relationship is very straightforward. They are both on friendly terms, but are also cautious of each other. There is no permanent friend or enemy, only a permanent interest. 2. Who is your favourite American person? As a child, I was really inspired by American action movie stars, like Alain Delon and Sylvester Stallone. ( Editor: Alain Delon is actually a French-Swiss national – not from the USA.) They were tough men! On another note, I really think former US President Bill Clinton played a major role in strengthening the US-China relationship. 3. How do the Chinese regard the USA? It’s hard to say. In regards to the government, two issues stand out. Firstly, their policies are all based on their own national interest – but every country is like that. Secondly, the American government does not always do what it says it will. But the Chinese government does what it says it will do. However, we see American people as nice and down-to-earth. When they say something, they will follow through with it as a result of their good education. I have met a lot of foreigners from the USA. 4. Which issues pose the biggest […]

Dec 23, 2015