Welcome to join China Focus team and have fun with us!

Position 1Social Media content editor and operator(1)

Monthly salary: Negotiable


  1. Run social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), and market content;
  2. Produce content including articles, photos, videos, etc based on current issues in China which will attract overseas readers;
  3. Plan coverage and give advice on content;
  4. Plan online and offline activities, increase social media fans and expand popularity;
  5. Other duties as required;
  6. Conduct interviews and host program.

Job requirements:

  1. English native speaker only;
  2. Bachelor degree or above, major in Journalism, management, economics or other relevant subject;
  3. Theoretical understanding of China and professional background in politics, economics or history is preferred;
  4. Work experience in Chinese media or marketing;
  5. Strong verbal communication and writing skills;
  6. Creative, responsible and self-motivated person;
  7. Familiar with social media, website operation and marketing.


Position 2Visual products designer(1)

Monthly salary: Negotiable


1.Designing and making visual products like pictures, videos and infographics for China Focus;

2.Excellent understanding of global social media, website visual products and their patterns;

3.Assist in selecting topics and writing relevant scripts for these products;

4.Other duties as required.


1.Bachelor degree or above  in relevant majors, native English speakers are preferred;

2.Capable of designing and making English visual products independently;

3.Those with working experience in media or in designing and making English new media products are preferred;


Position 3Senior proofreader1

Monthly salary: Negotiable


  1. Native English speaker, with preference given to candidates with some fluency in Chinese;
  2. Preference will be given to candidates who possess experience working with traditional media or news websites;
  3. Bachelor degree or above;
  4. Highly articulate and willing to communicate and cooperate;
  5. Major in English literature, English language, Politics, Business, Law and other relevant major.


  1. Responsible for finalizing all articles or other content;
  2. Responsible for controlling the correctness and sensitivity of political and economic content for China Focus;
  3. Responsible for optimizing the wording;
  4. Polish English articles, pictures, videos, and other text-related content published by China Focus.


Position 4Freelance opportunity (Columnist for China Focus)(several

Monthly salary: payment per article


  1. Awareness of which current issues in China will attract overseas readers;
  2. Ability to express original opinions on international affairs,economy,international relations,business and politics etc.

Job requirements:

  1. A portfolio of previously published work (articles in media or social media) is essential – experience as a columnist or editor with domestic or overseas media/website is preferred;
  2. Bachelor degree or above;
  3. Theoretical understanding of China and professional background in politics, economics or history is preferred;
  4. Strong writing skills.

What do we offer?

★Great colleagues and team leader

★Canteen providing authentic traditional Chinese dishes

★Comfortable, modern working area.

★Challenging work – you can speak for China in your own way, as long as you can find ways to attract and interest your readers.

★Activities, Seminars/lectures

About China Focus

China Focus, one of China International Publishing Group (CIPG)’s major projects, was established in 2018. Through new media, we aim to create an omnimedia platform for international communication, promoting and integrating traditional media with new media. We focus on major events and hot topics within China and  shed light on the latest developments  in the world.  Our mission is to create a unique platform so that the development and  voice of modern China can be heardby the world.

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