How much does an apartment cost in Beijing? – House Tour

In this video we had Lavi, from OohLavi, give us a house tour and tell us how much it cost. This is part of our “How much does it cost in China” video project were we asked YouTubers to find out the price of different things in China.

What happens when a town’s coal mines shutdown?

With more and more countries passing law against coal and fossil fuel usage, what happens to the town’s that are forced to shutdown their coal mines? We wanted to answer this question and see how towns can move forward and recover after loosing their dominate industry. In this video, we travel to Panji in China’s rust belt to find out how coal towns are dealing with big changes in the global economy.

Is China keeping its WTO promises?

With all the talks about trade and tariffs, I wanted to take a look at some of the criticism about China joining the WTO. Since joining the WTO in 2001, China has been further opening up its markets to multinational companies, but there is still a ton of criticism about the speed and scope of market access in China.

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