Uruguayan Ambassador to China: Uruguay Provides Exemplary Model of Positive Cooperation under BRI

Uruguay is an “excellent” example of how BRI cooperation can be very positive, said Fernando Lugris, Uruguayan Ambassador to China. “We have [witnessed] an increase of more than 50% in our trade since we joined the initiative,” he said, adding that cooperation projects are fiscally responsible and rooted in Uruguayan values. “We have zero debt with China. So we are an example that we can join the initiative and we can contribute with our own principles and specificities.” Check out the full interview.

Georgian Ambassador to China: We are ready to play a more important role in the BRI

Georgia has emerged as a gateway between Europe and Asia and is ready to play a more important role in the Belt and Road Initiative, said Archil Kalandia, Georgian Ambassador to China. “We are ready to be involved with our port infrastructure, with our railway infrastructure, with our highway infrastructure, to play a more important role in Belt and Road Initiative,” he said. Georgia was one of the first signatories to the BRI, officially signing a memorandum of cooperation with China in 2015.

Serbian Ambassador to China: BRI Is About Connectivity

“Although our two countries are geographically far apart, our two peoples are close in hearts,” Maja Stefanovic, Serbian Ambassador to China said in fluent Chinese. Serbia is an important link of the Belt and Road (BRI) and has numerous ongoing infrastructure projects with China. Check out her full interview on the BRI’s impact in Serbia.

Promoting Rural Preschool Education: What Has A German Contributed in Yunnan for 18 Years?

As a vital portion of children’s education, preschool education has been receiving increasing attention from the Chinese government, especially that in rural areas. At present, China’s kindergarten enrollment rate has progressed to a new level of 89.7 percent. In China’s southwestern Yunnan Province particularly, remarkable effort has been invested in ensuring rural children receive high-quality early education. 18 years ago, Michael Herman, an education expert from Germany, came to Zhenkang County of Yunnan, China. What results have been achieved in his 18-year experience and cooperation with the local government? What does Herman feel when looking back on his team’s enduring support in Yunnan? With these questions in mind, China Matters’ American host Jack Klumpp came to Taozi Village in Yunnan, together with Herman, to seek the answers of how preschool education in Yunnan is witnessing continuous progress.

Unraveling the Secret Behind the Success of China’s Engineering Machinery

From relying on imports to achieving independent innovation, and from obscurity to global excellence, how does China’s machinery manufacturing undergo such a transformative journey? With this question in mind, Devinder Kumar from the CICG Center for Europe and Asia visited XCMG, a heavy machinery manufacturer that ranks among the world’s top three. Alongside Thomas Mavrudis, chief designer at the XCMG Road Machinery Research Institute, Devinder sought answers through hands-on experience with technological breakthroughs such as the world’s largest tower crane, the “Iron Mantis”, and the 5G remote-controlled cockpit.

How Did a Seed from Yangling Take Root in Kazakhstan?

Over 4,000 years ago, Hou Ji, who is said to be the earliest agricultural official in Chinese history, taught people how to plant and cultivate crops in Yangling. Today, the Yangling demonstration zone, known as a national agrarian hub, plays a crucial role in advancing China’s agricultural modernization. It not only gathers a cluster of agricultural universities such as Northwest A&F University, seed research and development companies, and agricultural innovation teams, but also attracts an increasing number of scholars and experts from Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries. Located in the central hinterlands of China, the small town of Yangling has become a demonstration zone for the modernization of Chinese agriculture. How did it achieve this status? Alexander Kubyshkin, a host of the CICG Center for Europe and Asia, visited Yangling in Shaanxi Province with Pakistani student Abdul Ghaffar Shar to find the answers.

My Bond and My Country: Yang Xianyi and Gladys Tayler

During the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China (CPC), there were some international people who fought for the Chinese revolution and national liberation and participated in building the new China. Gladys Yang, a British translator, with her husband Yang Xianyi, another renowned literary translator, rendered in English an astonishing number of works of Chinese literature. It was this couple that brought accurate and elegant translation of China’s classics to audience abroad and made them know more about this ancient civilization. This episode will tell you this couple’s story in China.

My Bond and My Country: Sidney Shapiro

During the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China (CPC), there were some international people who fought for the Chinese revolution and national liberation and participated in building the new China. Sidney Shapiro was an American-born lawyer, translator, actor and writer who lived in China from 1947 to 2014. This former lawyer became one of the most respected translators in China, and used his work to help forge stronger ties between his birth-country, the US, and his homeland, China.

My Bond and My Country: Shafick George Hatem

During the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China (CPC), there were some international people who fought for the Chinese revolution and national liberation and participated in building the New China. For centuries, leprosy or Hansen’s disease has been a scorn on the world’s public health and China was once a common ailment suffering from leprosy. Today’s China has officially eliminated the disease, thanks in part to the work of a Lebanese-American doctor, one who would go on to become the first foreigner to obtain Chinese citizenship. His name was Shafick George Hatem. The mini documentary “My Bond and My Country” will tell you Hatem’s story in China.

My Bond and My Country: Richard Frey

During the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China (CPC), there were some international people who fought for the Chinese revolution and national liberation and participated in building the New China. Richard Frey was one of such legends. He was acknowledged as an outstanding member of the CPC, the founding father of Chinese penicillin, and a doctor who saved thousands of lives. The mini documentary “My Bond and My Country” will tell you how Frey’s life was changed in China.

China’s AI Revolution

China has made rapid progress in Artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years featured by wide AI usage, the expanding market size and booming AI-related research. AI is key to future growth and China is ready to ride the innovation wave. Check the data story below to have a closer look.

China in Numbers: Transport in China

Over the past five years, transport in China has witnessed remarkable growth and expansion in many ways — the high-speed railway network becoming the world’s largest one, bridges breaking more geographical barriers, more cities developing their subway systems, and air travel becoming an affordable option for common people. Check this video for more data and facts.

China Walks the Talk on COVID-19 Vaccine Sharing

As one of the first countries to have effectively controlled coronavirus, China has taken the lead in COVID-19 vaccine research and development. On the final day of 2020, China announced it had granted conditional marketing authorization for its first self-developed COVID-19 vaccine and would be made free of charge for all Chinese citizens. China is now trying to help people all over the world by making its coronavirus vaccine a “global public good”, one that is accessible and affordable for everyone, especially the developing world. China is speaking wholeheartedly with its actions!

A Day in the Third China International Import Expo

As the COVID-19 outbreak is still raging, the 3rd CIIE has become a more valuable market opportunity to the world amid a pandemic recession. Over 2,600 companies worldwide, including both old friends of the past two expos and new comers, flocked to the expo this year. China Focus’s editorial writer Thomas Scott-Bell is in Shanghai now for the expo. Let’s follow him to see the cool gadgets which can tell us about what our future is going to look like.

Discover Xinjiang: International Grand Bazaar

Xinjiang is a place of magic and mystery, full of breath-taking scenery, diverse cultures and amazing food. Join China Focus as it takes its own journey west to Discover Xinjiang and its many un-earthed secrets. First up is a quest to find the tastiest and most desirable treats at the International Bazaar in Urumqi.

Thaiwoo Ski Resort

Thaiwoo Ski Resort is one of the most famous ski resorts in Chongli, Zhangjiakou. It covers an area of 40 square kilometers and has about 200 planned ski trails which will be used for the snowboarding and freestyle skiing events during the WinterOlympics in 2022! Providing the best snow runs, snow, mountain views, shops and restaurants you could ask for, Thaiwoo is definitely a paradise for skiers!