Finding Answers in China

Apr 29, 2021

Beautifying China

Got a burning question on China​? ChinaFocus​ has got you covered with #FindingAnswersinChina. In episode five, we take a look at how China is battling the greatest existential crisis of our time: Climate Change. For decades, economic expansion was prioritised over environmental protection in China, but over the past few years, a significant shift has been made to focus on a greener future. At last week’s Leaders Climate Summit, China reiterated its biggest statement yet on climate change, promising to reach peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2060. Achieving it will require a complete overhaul of how ordinary Chinese people live. So how does it plan to achieve it?

Mar 31, 2021

China’s Post-COVID Recovery

Got a burning question on China​? ChinaFocus​ has got you covered with Finding Answers in China. In episode four, we take a look at how China is dealing with the world’s biggest health emergency for a century: COVID-19. More than a year has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, and many countries worldwide continue to adopt severe restrictions to people’s movements, in China, a combination of vaccines and stringent health measures are helping people’s lives bounce back from COVID quicker.

Mar 18, 2021

New Stories from an Old City

Got a burning question on China​? China Focus​ has got you covered with our new special Finding Answers in China​. Here we take a look at how China is tackling some of the biggest problems affecting people globally and asking what can be learnt from its response to them. In our third episode, we take a look at the country’s capital Beijing, an ancient city that is attempting to modernize its narrow courtyards without destroying its glorious and unique history

Feb 9, 2021

Chongli–A County Transformed

Finding Answers in China goes to Chongli, a county in North China’s Hebei province and checks out its transformation from a poverty-stricken district to an attractive Olympic district to find out just how China is removing more people from its poverty list.

Feb 2, 2021

Intelligence Within Reach

Editor’s Note: For as long as there have been questions, mankind has been searching for answers. Today, our need for answers is more critical than at any stage in our civilisation, as the world faces a tangle of challenges, including climate change, global pandemics, housing shortages and environmental destruction. We know what the problems are. But who has the answers? Finding Answers in China delves into the ideas, technology and people shaping China’s response to these global issues, and asks what can be learnt from their successes and failures. In this episode, Finding Answers in China takes you on a ride in Baidu’s Appollo Go autonomous taxi and checks out the new and improved Fuxing high-speed trains, to see how technology is being used to fast track Chinese society.    Finding Answers in China also speaks to Der-Horng Lee, Fellow at the Academy of Engineering Singapore, Georges Andary, the Regional President of Bosh in China and Hiria Ottino, President of the Pacific China Friendship Association, to find out their views on China’s latest technological upgrade.