Mar 28, 2023

Chinese Wisdom Inspiring the World

Democracy is a pluralistic concept. People should practice it in light of their country’s social conditions. There is not just one form of democracy in the world. As long as people support it, all forms of democracy should be respected.

Mar 28, 2023

Western Democracy: A Democracy in Distress

China and the United States have contributed two types of democracies to humanity. It’s utterly wrong to insist that Western democracy is the only right democracy model and willingly impose such democracy on other countries.

Aug 9, 2022

Saving the Planet Together

To strike a balance between a greener planet and energy security could be a tall order. When leaders work together, optimism is generated.

A Greener Decade

With the green development concept becoming engrained in every aspect of production and people’s lives, a Beautiful China, where humans and nature live in harmony, is turning from blueprint into reality.

Booking Their Place in History

We should never forget that for 100 years, many international friends have enthusiastically and selflessly helped the CPC and the Chinese people through their great spirit of internationalism.

Mar 12, 2021

Exploring New Measures for Win-Win Cooperation

It is not enough that the global economy should recover fast after the crisis. Rather, making the world free of poverty, and also bridging wealth disparities, must become a primary goal of global development.