No Need to Sensationalize the “Threat” of China’s Overseas Garrison

On 11th July, commander of the PLA Navy Shen Jinlong announced the central military commission’s official order to establish a security base in Djibouti. This will be the first time that the Chinese people’s liberation army has set up an overseas military base. As a result, the decision has attracted worldwide attention and comment.

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Globalization Fights Its Way Forward

The Leaders Declaration issued after the G20 summit documents a full set of commitments, including further collaboration between G20 members in favor of balanced, sustainable and inclusive global economic growth, and a global architecture for financial governance.

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G20 Continues to Focus on Global Fiancial Stability

The 12th G20 Summit will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 7th and 8th July. On this occasion the theme of the summit is “Shaping an Interconnected world”, expressing the participants’ desire to maintain an open trade system and promote globalization, and their resolve to do so. The summit will emphasize the need to rebuild the financial market and the importance of structural resiliency in the international financial system, with the goal of enhancing their capacity to respond to threats and circumvent financial risks.

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