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The BRI-CPEC Outlook in 2024

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), acknowledged as engine of modern development on international landscape, will shift...

Georgian Ambassador to China: We are ready to play a more important role in the BRI

Georgia has emerged as a gateway between Europe and Asia and is ready to play a more important role in the Belt and Road Initiative, said Archil Kalandia, Georgian Ambassador to China. “We are ready to be involved with our port infrastructure, with our railway infrastructure, with our highway infrastructure, to play a more important role in Belt and Road Initiative,” he said. Georgia was one of the first signatories to the BRI, officially signing a memorandum of cooperation with China in 2015.

Armenian Ambassador to China: BRI Aims to Establish a Justified World

Armenia is one of the first countries to welcome the Belt and Road Initiative. Sergey Manassarian, the Armenian ambassador to China, says the BRI is more than a business program. The BRI is a unique program with the main purpose of establishing a justified world, creating the possibility for all countries to develop, and for achieving a shared future, he said.