Chinese Resilience Is a Source of Inspiration for Us All

China is working and creating the atmosphere of togetherness with the world to dispel the gloomy times of pandemic to have a better and safe tomorrow.

In his New Year speech, President Xi Jinping gave a comprehensive review of the challenges of 2020 and an outlook of how Chinese nation is eyeing towards future in 2021. With the nation’s collective response and solidarity, China has recorded an epic fight against the pandemic of COVID-19.

China was the first country to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with successful strategies and insightful vision. President Xi has asked the whole nation to “stay tenacious like a bamboo deeply rooted in the rocks, keep our feet on the ground and work hard to paint a magnificent picture of rural vitalization”.

Referring to the caution especially the pandemic, President Xi said that the pandemic prevention and control is a long-term process and China will play its positive, robust and constructive role in cooperating with the global community. China is working and creating the atmosphere of togetherness with the world to dispel the gloomy times of pandemic to have a better and safe tomorrow.

This year China continues its steady economic growth after the 13th Five-Year Plan was successfully accomplished. At present, the 14th Five-Year Plan is being comprehensively formulated to maintain high quality development. In 2020, China became the only leading economy of the world with positive GDP growth to achieve the GDP of 100 trillion yuan.

Apart from economic achievements, China has marked its vital place in the space explorations like the Tianwen-1 for Mars mission, the lunar probe Chang’e-5 and the deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe (or Striver) along with construction of the Hainan free trade port.

A capsule of China’s Chang’e-5 with the cargo of rock and soil it picked up off the Moon landed in Inner Mongolia on Dec. 17, 2020.

In eradicating extreme poverty and building moderately prosperous society, China has also made historic achievements. It is important to note here that during the past eight years, China has remained moving and achieving its targeted goals in development and economic prosperity and near 100 million people have been lifted from the extreme poverty.

Since the beginning of reform and opening-up, the world has witnessed a steady rise of China at the global stage in all directions. With not only leading the economic front, but also the latest technology discoveries are few of the hall marks of the past few years. As a highlighted feature of Chinese economy, the establishment of special economic zones has made immense contribution in China’s development over the past 41 years. In 2020, China celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and 30th anniversary of the development and opening-up of Pudong in Shanghai. These projects have helped lead China to what it is today. With larger number of middle-income people and thriving industries, China has been a vibrant and resilient nation.

In this year, the 100th anniversary of founding of Communist Party of China (CPC) is around the corner. Under the leadership of CPC which was established in a small red boat in 1921, China has sailed through the troubling waters and voyaged across the high and low tides in all these years. CPC always puts the people first, takes national rejuvenation and common prosperity for all people as its mission.

In 2021, China is standing at the historic juncture of the Two Centenary Goals which refer to completing the building of a comprehensively moderate prosperous society by the time the CPC celebrates its centenary in 2021and building China into a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, and harmonious by the time the People’s Republic of China celebrates its centenary in 2049. The Two Centenary Goals are specific prospects of the Chinese Dream which was first put forward by President Xi in his visit to the National Museum of China in November 2012.

For many of us here in Pakistan, Chinese resilience is a source of inspiration for us all. We always consider our Chinese brothers and sisters marching towards their goals and achievements as our own. As the Chinese people struggle and strive, they share their wealth and happiness with all. This is what made the Chinese nation one of the most outstanding in the world.  While President Xi extend his warm wishes to his nation, siting only geographically apart, but close to heart, we Pakistani nation send the same prayers to the country to be prosperous, people may live in great peace and tranquility having smooth and auspicious new year and life ahead.