President Xi’s Speech at UN Is Blueprint of Building Community with Shared Future

The goal of building community with a shared future can only be achieved through dialogue, development, mutual respect, and cooperation. Thus, there is a need to promote dialogue and inclusiveness instead of confrontation and exclusion.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech at the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly via video gave confidence to the world that China is committed to contributing to development for all. It has sown the seeds of hope that the emerging great power believes in common development.

President Xi unambiguously spoke to respect the values of humanity and dignity and honor of every individual and country. He was crystal clear that the world needs cooperation. There is a need to build bridges not walls. The challenges, which the world is facing, do not offer the luxury to pursue one country first policy. The approach of putting a country first will be disastrous. It will ensure failure for everyone, irrespective of their strengths or capabilities. The only way out from the present challenges is cooperation based on the principle of mutual benefit.

President Xi started his speech at the UN session by reminding the world of its’ commitments to fighting the challenges together. It is not an option; it is a necessity of the time to ensure the peaceful coexistence and common future of generations. There should be strong mechanisms to fight against the COVID-19 for a secure future. The world needs to adopt a people-centered approach, not the country first policy. We need to focus on science-based solutions and follow the scientific guidelines to defeat the pandemic. The world must come out of political gaming or zero-sum games over COVID-19 or any other challenge. It is not beneficial for the entire humanity. China will not accept any COVID-19 related political tricks.

President Xi urged the international community to declare vaccine as global public goods and ensure they are available to people without any discrimination. He pledged that China will provide 2 billion doses of vaccine to countries all over the world. China will also contribute $100 million in COVAX and donate 100 million doses to developing countries. President Xi stressed the need for development and assistance to combat the impact of COVID-19.

Workers transport anti-epidemic material supplies donated by the Chinese government at Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, Laos, May 10, 2021. (Photo/Xinhua)

President Xi proposed a Global Development Initiative, with a focus on the special needs of developing countries. He raised voice for developing countries and asked the world to draft special programs according to the needs of these countries.

The development should be people-centered, as he said, “make sure that development is for the people and by the people, and that its fruits are shared among the people.”

I think this is the best definition of democracy with Chinese characteristics.

President Xi dedicated a section of his speech on the importance of innovation-driven growth and development. He deems it necessary to fight back the existential threats of climate change, impacts of COVID-19 and secure the future of the planet. For that purpose, there is a need to invest in technology and innovative solutions. However, technology advancement should not be used as a tool to enhance dominance, rather the world needs to work on equitable access to technology and solutions. The technology must be used to enhance the productivity, well-being of people and secure a healthy planet not dominance by one country over others.

Environment and climate change are also important parts of President Xi’s speech. He emphasized that there is a need to create harmony between humanity and nature through global partnership. He assured the world that China will do everything to contribute in response to climate change. China will achieve carbon emission peak before 2030 and reach carbon neutrality before 2060. China’s commitments are ambitious. The statement of President Xi can be qualified from the actions taken at home.

China has already launched multiple initiatives to combat climate change and promote harmony between nature and humanity. The concept of high-quality development, new philosophy of development and Vision 2035 provide the policy guidelines to ensure the ambition to be implemented. The 14th Five-Year Plan provides concrete targets to move on the path of sustainable development. The plan states that the carbon intensity will be decreased by 18 percent by 2025. Energy intensity will be brought down by the factor of 13.5 percent. Resources productivity will be enhanced by 20 percent by 2025. China had also made it part of plan that the recycling industry will be encouraged to achieve the target of $773 billion worth by 2025.

Aerial photo taken on Aug. 3, 2021 shows a photovoltaic power station in Yunzhou District of Datong City, north China’s Shanxi Province. (Photo/Xinhua)

China is also fulfilling its commitments in projects abroad. It has increased investment in green technology and initiatives in recent years. The data of the Belt and Road Initiative investment shows that in 2020, 58.8 percent of total investment was on renewable energy. Now President Xi has announced that China will not build or invest in coal power plants abroad.

President Xi underscored the significance of dignity and respect for everyone. He advocated for the enhanced role of developing countries in global decision-making. He opposed foreign intervention in any country and asked to respect the sovereignty of countries. He called for the recognition of common values of humanity including peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom. He reiterated the importance of win-win cooperation. It is time to say goodbye to the policy of some country first and look for avenues to enhance the win-win cooperation.

President Xi also stressed the role and importance of the United Nations and international law. He stressed the central role of the UN in ensuring security, development, and human rights. UN should steer the future course and all countries should work under the framework of the UN in a collaborative manner. It is necessary to uphold the UN system and multilateralism.

President Xi concluded his speech by assuring the world that China will never invade or bully others. China will never attack others. China will never seek hegemony. China will work with all countries by adhering to principles of mutual respect and win-win cooperation. China will join hands with the rest of the world to build a community with a shared future for humanity.

In a nutshell, President Xi’s speech was a blueprint of the vision of a community with a shared future. The goal of building community with a shared future can only be achieved through dialogue, development, mutual respect, and cooperation. Thus, there is a need to promote dialogue and inclusiveness instead of confrontation and exclusion. Dialogue and inclusiveness are needed of the time to combat challenges. It is a fundamental principle for peaceful coexistence to ensure a community with a shared future.