Promoting Rural Preschool Education: What Has A German Contributed in Yunnan for 18 Years?

As a vital portion of children’s education, preschool education has been receiving increasing attention from the Chinese government, especially that in rural areas. At present, China’s kindergarten enrollment rate has progressed to a new level of 89.7 percent. In China’s southwestern Yunnan Province particularly, remarkable effort has been invested in ensuring rural children receive high-quality early education. 18 years ago, Michael Herman, an education expert from Germany, came to Zhenkang County of Yunnan, China. What results have been achieved in his 18-year experience and cooperation with the local government? What does Herman feel when looking back on his team’s enduring support in Yunnan? With these questions in mind, China Matters’ American host Jack Klumpp came to Taozi Village in Yunnan, together with Herman, to seek the answers of how preschool education in Yunnan is witnessing continuous progress.
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