Review of 2017 China’s Economy

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, historic achievements have been made, historic changes have happened in the party and the state as well as in economic development, providing an important material foundation for historic changes in other fields, Xi said.

Dec 23, 2017

A History of Beijing’s Hazy Shade of Winter

Beijing’s first air pollution red alert marked a historic occasion in the city’s fight against air pollution as. Much of the capital came to a standstill from December 8 to 10, with classes suspended and construction sites shut down. Many citizens yearned for the clear skies so common when foreign dignitaries visit for important events, such as during the now-infamous “APEC blue” and Victory Day parade days. Understandably, people are inclined to believe that Beijing’s air quality deteriorated with tremendous hast since China’s economic boom that began 35 years ago. It would make sense then that Beijing would’ve had much better air quality in times when vehicles and factories were but figments from the future. Or so one would think. As an article from the People’s Daily website in March implies, Beijing has witnessed air pollution for centuries, albeit it the form of ‘haze” and not smog. The earliest records of Beijing’s haze dates back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) where, according to The History of Yuan Dynasty by Yuan scholars Song Lian and Wang Yi, a heavy haze plagued the city in March under the lunar calendar of 1329. The main cause was insufficient rains and an absence of snow. The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) saw haze as a more frequent annoyance. In the winter of 1481, a wild wind […]

Dec 11, 2015

The Rickshaw Report: The UN Climate Change Summit

1. This December, 140 world leaders of the most powerful world leaders will meet in Paris for the UN Climate Change Summit. Xi Jingping made a speech at the Opening Ceremony. What do you know about Climate Change? I think climate change is real. Over the past years, the temperature seems to be steadily increasing. I think this phenomenon has been provoked from mankind’s activities. 2. Consequences of global warming include heat waves, droughts and flooding, which threaten the lives of humans as well as animals. Do you find this worrying? That’s what will happen if global warming continues. I heard also that the polar icecaps are already melting, causing the sea to rise by 2 meters a day. Before, we had no vehicles on the streets, so there was no pollution at all. But now, the technology is getting more developed, and the automobile making industry has boomed leading to more and more pollution. But I think, as common people, we do not have any control over this matter. We cannot stop anything, but we will have to suffer from the results. 3. Is climate change a big topic amongst Chinese people? Of course, Chinese people talk about it. We also complain a lot about the polluted air. But, just like I said before, I do not think our […]

Dec 10, 2015