Infinity and Beyond

The past five years have seen China step further into the mysteries of the sky and the sea. Micius and the Monkey King, a Dragon and a Heavenly Palace—this legendary sounding group somewhat surprisingly has nothing to do with Chinese history or mythology, but everything to do with science.

Mar 1, 2018

The Rickshaw Report: The Internet

From the 16th to the 18th of December, the Chinese city of Wuzhen hosted the World Internet Conference. In order to mark this event, this week’s Rickshaw Report is focuses on the Internet! 1.China’s online population hit 668 million in June 2015. How has the internet changed the lives of Chinese people? How can I answer this big question? Let’s just say the internet completely changed our lives. 2.What websites do you most often check out? I catch up on the latest news by visiting Xinhua news and Tencent news. I also like to check out articles by the foreign press which have been translated into Mandarin in order to find out what the rest of the world thinks about China. 3. It’s not uncommon to see people’s eyes glued to their smartphones screens on the subway, or even when eating out with their friends Do you ever get concerned that our society is becoming too addicted to the internet? Yes, I think the internet is harmful to our society. I depend too much on the internet keep contact with friends. 4.Is there any way the web could be used for evil? Yes, of course. Every coin has two sides. One big problem is online hacking. These hackers are extremely professional. 5.Should young children have their own smartphones? I think […]

Dec 21, 2015

The Rickshaw Report: November 11 – Both China’s Singles Day & The World’s Biggest Online Shopping Event

1. On November 11, China celebrates Singles Day. What is the point of the holiday? It used to be about single people celebrating their singlehood. However, now the day seems to have totally changed into a shopping festival. 2. How is China’s dating culture different to that of your parent’s generation? When my mother and father were young, it seemed like marriages were usually arranged by the couple’s families, who were almost always of equal social rank. But now everyone seems free to choose their spouse. Today, the most important factor is not the couple’s social status or the connection between both families, but that the two get along well. 3. China is now experiencing a phenomenon with “left over men” and “left over women”. What’s the solution to this problem? I know a lot of people who fall into that category. I think that such circumstances are caused by the individual’s lifestyle. These people are content living alone. They do not need to worry about someone else, not suffer the strains of married life. But at the same time, this phenomenon of leftover men / women is a serious social issue. Its probably a consequence of China’s family planning policy. I have heard that some men have tried to cure their loneliness by moving abroad in order to find […]

Dec 11, 2015