The CPC Represents Unity, Consensus and Long-Term Vision

It places the common good above personal interests, and the long-term interests of the nation above the short-term interests of the individual.

The performance of China, now the world’s second-largest economy, has drawn the attention of entrepreneurs and visionaries who had been predicting the revolutionary transformation of this Asian giant for several decades. The Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China (MEXCHAM), as well as other influential chambers of commerce, has established a presence in different parts of the country, serving as a bridge between Asia and Latin America. Victor Cadena, executive vice president of this transpacific institution, shares his opinions with on the environment that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has shaped throughout the country over the years to facilitate development and successful connections with the rest of the world.

The past decade has seen unprecedented changes in the history of the relations between China and Latin America, which, according to Victor Cadena, should be deeply studied and reflected upon. In retrospect, a decade ago, China was still several places away from being a main trade partner of Mexico or Latin America. Today, it has become the largest or second-largest commercial partner to many Latin American states, whether in terms of trade volumes or foreign direct investment. According to Mr. Cadena, a lawyer by training who also has a degree from Peking University, this is the result of the extraordinary and surprising changes that have been taking place and are going to take place in the country. “This will not change in the short term. I believe that, in the coming decade, relations will be even closer and more intensive. Apart from foreign direct investment, trade in goods between China and Mexico, as well as Latin America in general, will also increase.”

Víctor Cadena, Executive Vice President of MEXCHAM

The executive vice president argues that trends and performance in the economic growth, together with the eradication of poverty in the country, are indicators of a healthy environment that enhances commercial ties with other parts of the world and foreign investment in China. To Cadena, who is also an entrepreneur, this is the direct result of the milestones achieved by the CPC, which will embrace its first centenary after a period of dramatic transformation since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy. The stability that the leading class has managed to maintain in the country is, according to Cadena, one of the major conditions that allow entrepreneurs to invest and settle down in China. “One of the greatest abilities of the Communist Party of China is its ability to keep abreast of the times in order to gain consensus and formulate long-term public policies… This creates social, economic and political stability, and leads to legal certainty, public security and the rule of law,” says the experienced entrepreneur.

MEXCHAM has maintained close relations with the CPC. For the past ten years, the chamber has organized galas in honor of the party during various anniversaries in appreciation of the deep transformations that have taken place in the country over these years. The executive vice president sums up the essence of what the CPC represents for China and the world in the eyes of Mexican entrepreneurs: “The CPC represents unity, consensus and long-term vision… it places the common good above personal interests, and the long-term interests of the nation above the short-term interests of the individual. The CPC has successfully forged a consensus regarding long-term visions throughout the vast land of China, which results in successful public policies and social welfare, not only for China but also for the international community… the fact that it works well in China means that it will also work well in other countries.”

MEXCHAM and the Mexican people will celebrate the CPC’s centenary on different occasions since, as Victor Cadena points out, it coincides with the anniversary of the founding of this transpacific institution for commerce and the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Mexico and China. “We have scheduled celebrations for the CPC’s centenary, the 15th anniversary of the Chamber, as well as the 50th anniversary of China-Mexico diplomatic relations, which are very important days that we must commemorate. In particular, we should reflect on their significance,” concludes the executive vice president of the Chamber.