The CPC’s Mission and Contributions

This system has not only helped the socio-economic progress of China but also unlocked the potential for better living standards in the future.

Recently the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) released a detailed report on the achievements and contributions of the CPC in the growth and development of China and the world.

The report entitled “The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions” fleshes out the party’s 100-year unwavering commitment to leading China towards heights of glory and the path China will embark on. This report is important as it can help clear the misunderstanding and rebut unfounded accusations overseas about the CPC, one of the largest political parties in the world. After a century of struggle, the CPC has gone from victory to victory in its relentless quest for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Established by few dedicated people in a small house and then on a small boat with a dream a century ago, the party set out its journey towards national rejuvenation despite difficulties and tribulations. These 100 years were not easy but brave members of the CPC guided by the ideals of Marxism, by virtue of their innovative spirit and firm belief, vowed to march for prosperity. There were risks on the way, however, the CPC has demonstrated its prowess to deal with all the internal and external enemies and challenges since its inception. This was a defining trait of the CPC. The Chinese people envisioned their rejuvenation long ago and today the CPC has made remarkable strides in meeting that lofty goal.

The CPC puts the Chinese people at the center of its policies and reforms and thus makes them the ultimate beneficiaries of the nation’s growth. One can tell their commitment to people’s wellbeing from the determination of the Chinese leadership to move the country forward. In retrospect, it was the CPC’s major focus on people’s well-being that drove the party to initiate the reforms starting from 1978 which brought forth China’s economic takeoff. Since then, China has managed to lift 800 million people out of poverty, which is certainly unparalleled in world history. This feat is well explained in the report of “The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions”. And the recent vision of building a community with a shared future has allowed all Chinese people to benefit from the gains of reform and development. On top of that, through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China has reached millions of people’s hearts globally.

Aerial photo taken on Aug. 26, 2021 shows a view of Xincang Village of Haining City in Jiaxing, east China’s Zhejiang Province. (Photo/Xinhua)

There are two major elements mentioned in the report that are worth discussing. The first is the socialism with Chinese characteristics and the second is the CPC leadership’s strong conviction about their core beliefs and ideals. This publication illustrates how taking socialism with Chinese characteristics as core ideology has helped the nation rise to modern challenges. This ideology has instilled in the CPC vigor and vitality to reform and evolve itself. The report also identifies self-discipline, self-righteousness, and self-reliance of accountability as primary competences of the CPC.

The primary goal of the CPC is to put people’s wellbeing at the center of making policies and keep their actions in line with transparency, fairness, justice, peace, democracy and fundamental freedoms. It is true not only in the CPC’s history but also in its struggle to make China great today. The report acknowledges the contributions of its predecessors and expects the incumbent leadership to steer China towards national rejuvenation.

The CPC also plays the leading role in governance and administrative functions of the country. In a centralized government system, the CPC acts as a pivot to guide and lead statecraft in domestic and foreign policy. It actively engages in policy-making and implementation as the source of guiding fountain for the whole governance system. Since its founding, the CPC has played a crucial role in unifying all Chinese people, creating People’s Republic in 1949, and made the society cohesive. China has its own way of democracy which is different from the western way. It is amazing to see how this system has been proved successful for the people of the country. This system has not only helped the socio-economic progress of China but also unlocked the potential for better living in the future.

It is worth mentioning here that the CPC celebrates its 100th anniversary this year with its landslide victory in making China one of the major powers in the world. The CPC hopes that this report can act as a catalyst and inspiration for other friendly countries to pursue peace and prosperity. In this sense, the CPC has not only a sense of unity for the Chinese nation but also a good faith that the world can be better.