The Rickshaw Report : China’s Military Parade

1. 70 years ago, China’s “War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression ” came to an end. How are Sino-Japanese relations now?
Of course, the relationship is not good. Look at the tensions over the Diaoyu Island, and the history between China and Japan.

2. US President Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have declined to attend the parade. Why do you think that is?
Perhaps they due to tensions in the South China Sea, or other reasons maybe. I am not sure. Abe will not join because of the bad history between China and Japan.

3. According to the Chinese media, over the past week, Beijing’s air has been at its cleanest in almost three years. Does the difference in air quality affect your mood?
This is the cleanest air I have ever seen in Beijing! It makes me happy.

4. President Putin attended China’s V-day celebrations. How is he perceived in China?
Some Chinese say Putin is a handsome guy, but more importantly he is a very good friend to China. He came to support China at the parade. China and Russia have a strong relationship.

5. In the run up to the parade, there have been many security measures – certain roads will be blocked off, both of Beijing’s airports and public parks will be temporarily closed, a subway line has been closed. Have the measures served as an inconvenience to you?
No, no. Everything is fine. (After a while) There are fewer tourists in this area now because of all the traffic restrictions, so my work has been affected.

6. What do you think is the overall message/ aim of the parade?
Just to celebrate China’s victory and remember the victims of the war.