U.S. & Its Summit on ‘Own Version’ of Democracy

The US designs behind this Summit indicate that the world still has to suffer the outcomes of the US headship’s and the American establishment’s absurd ideas to divide and rule the world with an ambition to make the White House an office of the Emperor of the world.

The Joe Biden administration of the United States is today hosting a global Summit on Democracy. It has invited a huge number of states to participate in this 2-day moot. However, it found it better to not invite major global powers like China as well as those states that it has sanctioned under one sham pretext or the other.

Though according to the US government, the basic aim behind holding this event is to organize a ‘Democratic Renewal’ in the US and across the globe. However, according to independent observers and analysts, the main purpose of this Summit appears to be emitting venom against China, without giving the People’s Republic a chance to confront all such baseless accusations then and there. The other purpose of the Summit is analyzed to be creating a global divide by creating a so-called bloc of pro-democracy states against the states with other governance systems.

The very holding of this dubious exercise in the name of democracy summit clearly reflects the American policy of drastic interference into the affairs of other sovereign States. While Washington has long equated democracy with hegemony, any state that it deems as a hindrance to its hegemonic designs has been facing brutal acts of aggression, not only through sanctions but via direct military interventions. Any state that refuses to submit to Washington’s authority, the history is witness, it faced the ultimate US wrath.

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks to the media on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., the United States, on Dec. 8, 2021. (Photo/Xinhua)

The historical statistics clearly indicate that whenever a state refuses to buy the American version of democracy, to replace its own government system with it, it found itself to be the victim of US war doctrines and intelligence conspiracies.

In the recent history in 2003, the US launched military strikes against Iraq for its alleged possession of WMDs to bring the US version of democracy to the people of Iraq. However, this US adventure in the name of democracy for civilians of Iraq resulted in a death toll of nearly 250,000 causalities of Iraqi people, some 16,000 directly killed by the US army. To add to it, US marines were found in extremely serious violations of international humanitarian principles which were also evident from the news, photos, and videos of prisoners’ abuse by US marines and prisons like Abu-Gharib. Similarly, another democracy restoration adventure got around 34,000 civilians killed in Syria from 2016 to 2019, and out of these, nearly 4,000 were directly killed in bombings by the US and its war allies. The casualties included women and children as well. An airstrike, launched by US forces on Raqqa killed 1,600 Syrian citizens.

Likewise, the two-decades-long US wrath on Afghanistan, left the poor country devastated and impoverished. This US adventure in the name of ensuring security of Afghan people actually resulted in the killing of nearly 50,000 Afghan citizens and around 70,000 Afghan soldiers and cops while over 10 million people got displaced.

It remains a fact that the Americans have constantly been trying to impose their versions of governance on countries like China, Russia, Cuba and many African states without realizing that general public of these countries that were not having the US-style governance systems were actually much happier, satisfied and prosperous than the very people of the United States itself. They were quite content with the governance system in their respective states.

Afghan displaced people who fled from their homes during the fights take shelter in a public park in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 11, 2021. (Photo/Xinhua)

For instance, China is a nation that has shown extraordinary and rather dramatic progress in social, financial, and technological development under the communism and socialist style of governance that was put in place by the Communist Party of China (CPC). No nation can make such extraordinary development in all fields ranging from up-gradation of living standards in the social sector to conquering Mars in technological fields, if the people of that very nation feel suppressed, oppressed or dissatisfied with the governance system. Today 5 out of 10 top banks of the world are from China, more than 50% of the top 500 businesses and companies and more than 60% of the top academically scoring students are Chinese, and Chinese athletes grabbed the maximum number of medals in the Olympics. With Jack Ma of Alibaba creating a new world in the field of e-commerce and Jackie Chen creating history in the showbiz, with Dalian Wanda breaking all records of success in real estate development and Huawei becoming the frontline telecom giant. The Chinese have proved to be ever progressive and that too on a very high pace which was by no means possible if the CPC’S governance system had not been better than the US version of democracy.

From miraculously saving its people amidst the lethal attacks of Covid-19, creating exclusive Covid hospitals overnight, in a dramatic way, to organizing the mammoth sports event of the Winter Olympics in Beijing amidst the emergence of different variants of Covid pandemic from different parts of the world, when many “Democratic countries” failed to host even a mere cricket tournament. The CPC has once again proved that its own version of democracy or governance system is far more effective and practical than the Westminster democracy or the American governance system.

In comparison with the American actions for ensuring security and spreading peace and safety, China once again takes the lead and amazingly it registers this lead in the area which the US thinks is the best to snub China and its Xinjiang factor. Despite all the US-led western propaganda over Xinjiang the facts actually tell a different story. China’s Xinjiang region remained in the grip of foreign-seeded terrorism and militancy for years. Finally China took the countermeasures and launched a number of anti-terrorism and anti-militancy operations to bring peace and tranquility back to Xinjiang. These operations, however, surely, were bound to cause collateral damages as well in which many innocent people were arrested, displaced, and were scrutinized. There were partial damages to homes, shops and places of worship as well but unlike the Americans who just devastated people and left people homeless, the Chinese government rebuilt the houses, reorganized the business places, released the innocent detainees, and rebuilt the places of worship with dramatic infrastructural development as soon as the peace was restored and the actual saboteurs were taken care of. America has no story to tell to match with Xinjiang regarding its operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, or even back in the United States.

People attend a culture and tourism festival themed on Dolan and Qiuci culture in Awat County of Aksu Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, Oct. 25, 2019. (Photo/Xinhua)

The story of Xinjiang clearly narrates how GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE really works FOR THE PEOPLE and this is the form of democracy that the CPC has been delivering for decades.

It’s time for the Americans and especially for the White House administration to realize that their governance system i.e THE DEMOCRACY is not the only viable governance system in the world. They should make themselves understand that the other governance system like the Monarchy in Saudia Arabia, the Sultan system in Brunei or Oman, the Emirate system of UAE, and the CPC system of China are much better government systems when it comes to delivering for the welfare and the good of people. The US media has actively taken part in shaping the Democracy Summit’s exclusionary agenda. They have actually in a way revealed the underlined motives of this Summit and reflect that actually the word “democracy” is being used by the US as a strong camouflage for its hegemonic designs. This politicization clearly endangers the possibility of dialogue between Washington and Beijing, actually leading to a clear shift in relations from a positive direction to the other way around.

This Summit is being organized soon after Beijing and Washington ending COP26 with a giant declaration and also just after the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping and the US President Joe Biden holding a detailed video meeting with pledges to increase cooperation. It had given the global community hope that the two top global powers of the world might be heading for a peaceful resolution of the issues to give the world a safe and secure atmosphere. However, the US designs behind this Summit indicate that the world still has to suffer the outcomes of the US headship’s and the American establishment’s absurd ideas to divide and rule the world with an ambition to make the White House an office of the Emperor of the world. One has to see what this conference actually brings to light.


This article was first published in The Daily Mail, Pakistan.