Xi Jinping Proposes China Solutions to Second “Golden Decade” of BRICS

By Sooyu Zheng

On 3rd Sep, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the ninth BRICS summit in the southeastern city of Xiamen, Fujian Province, calling on BRICS countries to fight protectionism and advance the reform of global economic governance.
“Dialogue without confrontation, partnership without alliance,” Xi summed up the cooperation principle in a simple phrase.
He defined BRICS cooperation has now reached a crucial stage of development. In his speech, he confronted the question, emphasizing the spirit of the BRICS, refuting the assertion that BRICS is losing luster.
Finally, Xi looked forward to the BRICS countries to ushering in a more energetic second decade: the BRICS cooperation ship is about to set sail from Xiamen city. Working together with other members of the international community, the BRICS cooperation will deliver not only more benefits to the peoples of five countries, but also joint efforts towards world peace and development at large.
Followings are highlights of Xi’s speech, showing a mind map to help understand.