International Stories Contest 2018

We are keen to know about your story of Chinese engagement around the world through mini-essays, photos or short videos. Big prizes await you!

Join our competition and win big!

You can win great prizes including $1,500, a Kindle, a Polaroid Camera or a 3-day ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Beijing!

Gain the opportunity to cooperate with famous writers, photographers or directors!

China’s global links have created one big community, connecting people economically, politically and culturally.

Walking this road together has helped people from all over the world realize their dreams and find a place to call home…

So, what about you? How has China’s involvement in your country affected you? Tell us “Your Story” to be in with a chance of winning great prizes.

We want you to share your short films, photos or articles on Facebook or Twitter about your experience of Chinese engagement around the world. Those who produce the best works have the chance to win the amazing prizes.


People of any age, any country who are interested in Chinese issues, China’s engagement around the world or China’s influence on the international stage.



Type your story, post it and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to @ your friends and add the hashtag #BeltandRoad #MyStory.

The articles MUST

1) be relevant to China’s international engagement and how it has affected you

2) Include a title

3) be within 500 words

We will then invite experts to choose the BEST article. This is based on the content and structure of the story. 


HENDY YUNIARTO: OBOR in the Eye of a Native Indonesian Teaching in China


A photo that represents your China friendship story – post it and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to @ your friends and add the hashtag

#BeltandRoad #MyStory.

The photo must:

1) be relevant to China’s international engagement

2) be a high-resolution photograph of at least 300 dpi at 3,000 pixels on the longest side

3) Include a caption or description explaining its links to China

Photo entries will be judged based on creativity, quality, originality, responsiveness to the prompt and overall impact.


Δ In Mombasa, Kenya, locals celebrate the first batch of diesel trains manufactured by Chinese enterprises for the 480-kilometer-long Mombasa-Nairobi railway,  January 11, 2017

Δ An American buyer looks at exhibits of a Chinese fabric producer at the Chinese Textile and Apparel Trade Show in New York, the United States, July 23, 2018.

Δ Photo taken on Aug. 30, 2018 shows the aerial view of the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, in Maldives. The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, the first cross-sea bridge in the Maldives, opened to traffic on the evening of Aug. 30. The bridge is an iconic project of the Maldives and China in co-building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.


Film your CHINA FRIENDSHIP story, post and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to @ as many friends as possible and use the tag of #BeltandRoad#MyStory.

The video MUST be

1) Relevant to B&R topic

2) no more than 10 minutes

3) contain clear images and an attractive title

4) have subtitles or your narration

5) have a clear storyline and you in it

6) Your work MUST fit the criteria to be eligible

Experts will judge on the narrative and technique, then choose the BEST short film. 



Please submit your works online. You can send them to us through email. You can also post your works to Twitter or Facebook then @ our accounts.

The posts or tweets that record the highest number of retweets, likes and comments will have the chance to win some great prizes!


Facebook: China Focus 

Twitter: @China__Focus


THREE BIG PRIZES will be awarded, as follows:

Grand Prize of the Short Video Category: $1,500 & a 3-day ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Beijing

Photos Category Winners: The winners of each of the category will receive a Polaroid Camera & a 3-day ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Beijing

Readers’ Choice of Mini-Essay Category: The winner of the online Readers’ Choice award will receive a Kindle & a 3-day ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Beijing

Online Features:  China Focus may select mini-essays, photos and short videos for highlight on its website or display in a publicly accessible contest archive; such selections will be made in the China Focus’ sole discretion.

♦ Two prizes per person; winners may receive additional non-cash prizes. Winners must sign a release and license, as well as a declaration of eligibility, and will be responsible for paying any notary public fees or taxes they may owe on a prize.

♦ Winners who come to Beijing will gain the great opportunity to cooperate with famous writers, photographers or directors.

♦ Those posts or tweets that record the highest number of retweets, likes and comments will have the chance to win some great prizes. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Send us E-mail at

Welcome to share the contest info with your friends or families. Thank you so much! 

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