US Restrictions on Chinese Companies Damaging for Both Sides

Washington State’s tech industry, which boasts corporate giants including Microsoft, Boeing and, is an ambitious, innovative, and open business environment. The state government has always attached great importance to Sino-US cooperation in economy and trade, actively encouraging and supporting investment by Chinese individuals and businesses. What are the motivations of Chinese businesses seeking to enter the US market? Like any other business, profit is always an obvious priority. However, according to Chinese enterprises, there are many other attractions. America’s open, competitive market has led to excellent technology research and development, as well as efficient business operating practices. Chinese enterprises take great pride in establishing a presence in this country and competing and cooperating with their American counterparts. While Chinese investment in the United States can drive the US economy and stimulate American job creation, Chinese businesses gain invaluable business experience which they can not only use back home, but also in other international markets. By opening its borders to Chinese investment, the United States is improving international business standards while standing by its free market ideals. The US market is known to be an example of a mature, efficient, and open market. But despite the number of Chinese companies who have attempted to enter the US market, there are very few who can claim major success. In the US […]

Sep 23, 2015